Safe Transition Home Care Service for Seniors Looking for the best Home Care service for Seniors, the best Homecare service for the Elderly or the best Home Care service for the disabled or the sick? Call Wish Well Home Care of Nashville TN today.

Safe Transition Home Care Service for Seniors

At Wish Well Care our Safe Transition Service for Seniors provides a smooth and safe transition for Seniors as care needs change, or from one care center to another or back to loved ones at home. Whether leaving a hospital, a rehabilitation center, a treatment center or out of surgery you or your loved one can count on our support and care.

For a smooth and safe transition home we provide flexible, affordable, dependable home care in the home, hospital, long-term care facility or other residence.

Through the Safe Transition Service for Seniors, our trained and screened professional caregiver:

  • Picks you up at the facility or hospital on discharge day and takes you home.
  • Picks up essentials from the grocery store or pharmacy and delivers to your home.
  • Makes sure you are properly settled in your home.
  • Read, explains and communicate any needed medical follow-up information
  • Insures that you take any medication according to doctor’s prescription
  • Provides Housekeeping

Safe Transition is an essential part of recovery and good health. We are here for you, 24 hours a day, every day to help care for you or your loved one.

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